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Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it the end or the start of life?

My computer is running damn slow!

Why? I am downloading all I can on to the 160 GB external hard disk I have from Strong DC - one very reason of sharing amongst BITS which makes this place so special.

Will we not get these movies any time else? Will we watch all movies downloaded on to the disk?

No is the answer. We are doing it because we are afraid that we will loose the game. We will be happy to realise that one day after coming back from office in August you would want to sit at home and think that yes - this is one thing that I did in the last few days of a life that would never return.

In just another moment - after writing my last exam at BITS - today , I am going to be a BITSian - like I have been for the past 4 years - a BITSian with a responsibility.

Man's existence is a trance

We all live each day at BITS now as though we will never live this day again.Yes,you are most certainly right about it.But it holds true for each day - you in life - but these days will never comeback because these were the days you never cared about anything you did not want to - you never looked at anything you did not want to.

You always did what gave you fun.

You lived life the way you wanted to.

What does this end of college signify to each of us?

When we end college - there are huge number of things that signify to us.

1)You are responsible :- One very reason why many of us are afraid to pass out of college is because there is someone outside standing for you to be the coolie from now on - to shoulder the responsibility of life , to take a decision very much dependent on n number of factors which you were never used to

2)My dad and mom have an asset in me :- No mom gives you birth because you would pass out of BITS or IIT - no father will join you in education bring home gifts because you would be a ranker - there is no reason why they do this.

This is called "Un-Conditional Love" - you are being loved for no reason - but as parents grow they become ambitious because they want you to be the best in life to live a life better than they did - they try to make every day of your life - college life think about lesser things in life and then lead a happy life - they will always tell you things that would make your life better not thinking of what it would mean to them - even your wife or lover would not do that ....

They are not touching their 50's - just try telling them Mom and Dad - you have struggled all your life for the past 22 years for bringing me up - now you have a son/daughter whom you can rest on - ask anything - like I asked you a choclate or an ice-cream each time we had gone out .... try telling them you would take them to pilgrimage tour just like they took you to summer resorts or holiday spots out of their savings . Tell them you will be an asset to the nation - give them your blood because they gave theirs when you were born.

Never leave them and live in a nation where you will have only money and no one to enjoy with . Imagine you only have a family and enjoy the movie in a IMax in NewYork - your parents are fed up of watching the TV.If you comedown once in every month to them - take them to a movie ,to a hotel , spend some time with them in a park ... in your house eat with them .. tell how much you love your mom's food, tell how much you liked bunking classes laugh with them ask them if they need anything more from you - that is life o...my friend ...life is giving back .... life is an expression of gratitude to people you meet....

3)This is not the end of friendship - one of the most important reasons why I am trying to do a startup is - I want to continue the college life -because college life , friends have been an integral part who will always tell you that you were the best and the worst each time you were on a low and high ... they always are the hands that will pull you , the hands that pat you , the hands that beat you when you did a mistake ...

It is very important to continue looking for an opportunity/create one so that you can always be together.Donot let this stop here.

I blog each time with logic - with knowledge - with judgment but this time - I gave my heart take the charge made other organs listen.

That is this blog a heartfelt feelings of a BITSian venturing into life .

God save us.

I want to end up with some funny quotes

"The first two years of college are vocabulary lessons. The second two years are spent learning who to ask and where to look it up." ~ Bill Austin

"I have never let schooling interfere with my education." ~ Mark Twain

“A telephone survey says that 51 percent of college students drink until they pass out at least once a month. The other 49 percent didn't answer the phone.”


  1. Hi Harsha ....
    Very nice to see a Situational blog from you after a long time especially at this point of time with a catchy title.
    First of all i would like to comment on that 'life is giving back' i agree with you harsha as i used to have the same kind of opinion and its true in many cases.
    And also its very nice that u focued on two main aspects like responsibility and friendship.
    And yes.. it is obviously an inspirational as well as motivational blog for the BITSians who is afraid becoz of resposiblity and sad becoz of leaving frns....
    Its very nice of you....keep writing. al the best for ur future endeavours

    Thank you,
    Dinesh Tummlapalli

  2. its just superb ra harsha...
    till now i dint think of the small small happiness like "whn i go out, asking parents what they want, ice cream, chocolate, taking parents to hotel, park, or eating wid them..". i realized many things frm this blog.. especially the things make our parents happy. thanks for this blog.. can u forward this to our kernalites???

  3. A very touching post! Though I dont really feel the same emotions of the people in campus, I connect with and strongly agree on everything mentioned!

    Keep Writing!

  4. A Touching blog... well thought and quite apt to the current situation. U Rock!!!

  5. Wow!
    I had earlier visited the blog and had only a quick glance to the posts.. Now I feel that I should have read it properly!

    I guess you summed it up really well.. Though the love from our parents is unconditional, we still have a moral responsibility towards them, especially in a time when they really need our help (& time). Its sad that our generation today is forgetting their morals, holding their own ambitions above their responsibility as a son...

    The post was really touching!
    Keep Bloggin!


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